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PMKVY Proposal

Proposal for Franchise

At MUNDERMANI we believe that learning should not be confined to increasing range and depth of TECH knowledge alone. Essential personality and behaviors skills hold equal importance for developing a thorough professional. This is a achieved through an innovative, well researched blend of curriculum majors and elective minors. The end result is well balanced career professional who can give his best from day one. MUNDERMANI introduces this revolutionary curriculum in response to a long standing concern shared between MUNDERMANI and Industry Experts, work towards setting new standards of IT education time and again.MUNDERMANI facilitates the professional with a platform to acquire relevant an flexible skills in a cost effective way. The tediously designed curriculum of MUNDERMANI provides a simpler and targeted framework to validate the core technical, professional and architectural skills. The credentials enable professionals to seek specific technological spheres in accordance with the current global needs and distinguish themselves by demonstrating in- depth knowledge and expertise in their technological arena. We invite you to join us in this journey towards a knowledge society, for today must be exposed to the technologies that'll shape our tomorrow. What you see today is an Knowledge Corporation with over 5,000 students in over 50 centers across India However what we've done to achieve this status is a different story altogether. We've left no stone unturned to build an organization that stays true to its objectives and strives to provide the best possible services to its customers. Not only that, we also stand up for our commitment towards the society at large and work towards building a knowledgeable society. The pillars of our success lie in the core values that we live by. As an organization for the people , of the people and by the people we direct all our energies towards one entity 'the customer'. We've been shaping our activities around the fulfillment of the ever changing market needs. Our efficient leadership ensures the unity of purpose & direction and our associates resolutely dedicate their efforts towards achieving the objective that we've set for ourselves. The keen involvement of the top management makes us a customer focused organization that ensures sustained customer satisfaction by producing, delivering services and providing support functions that meet needs and expectations.

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